About Papillon Pur

I am a firm believer that we can achieve each and every goal in our journey if we utilize the passion from within. As a holistic nutritionist, I recognize the importance of what we put in and on our bodies. This purposeful approach to wellness inspired me to my learning about health and nutrition, and the positive effects it has on us physically and emotionally.

Achieving balance is about choices. We make choices each day from the moment we wake until we lay our heads on the pillow at night - what to eat, how to utilize time, what to do in order to reach your goals…you get the idea.

Through my personal journey, I became obsessed with finding skin healthy ingredients and products. As a result of my passion, Pur Balance was created. This phytonutrient powerhouse is an exceptional way to start the day! We end up wearing everything we eat or drink on our faces. Creating a more alkaline environment in our bodies is one of the keys to great skin and health.
It didn’t stop there. I learned our bodies need to be more alkaline, while our skin needs to be more acidic. Interesting right? Our entire line of Pur Essential Skincare is pH balanced to support your acid mantel and a beautiful complexion. Our Pur Beaute cosmetic line is sourced from nature and fused with science to protect, correct and beautify skin without harmful toxins, parabens or fragrance. Women can let their inner artist emerge and be able to ensure that they are getting the highest quality products on the market.


The icing on the cake is our Pur Silk pillowcases,
providing many benefits that support healthy skin and hair!


Good Morning Beautiful!


My goal with this company is to orchestrate engaging events that get women talking. Our Papillon Events are just that. Each guest not only leaves with amazing, healthy, cutting-edge products, but also with a plethora of information that they can utilize in their daily lives.

Sharing knowledge, providing solutions, and inviting people to be a part of a company that inspires, educates and engages women are not only my passions, but my mission.

Susan Goss, Founder

Papillon Pur Lifestyle

In today’s hectic lifestyle we all too often neglect ourselves. Unfortunately, it is our body that pays the price. It is important to take the time to value who we are, treat our body respectfully, and appreciate all that it does. Our products have been developed with this exact mindset. Achieving optimal balance personally, and professionally is about making daily choices. I invite each and every one of you to join us and be a part of a company that you can be proud of.